The Author

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons gave us the fictional “Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom!” published by Balboa Press in 2019. Here, the teachings of Jesus helped Dee relinquish the “ghost of her fears and traumas”, through a witness that this life is not “her” story.
Debra’s new book, “The At One-Meant IS In Place, The Only Question Is: When Will We Receive It?” gives a reflective look at just how confusing life can be; along with another way to look at it.
Even as she looks “with eyes wide open” at what she sees around her, she finds a place of peace and joy, through eyes of the Atonement.
As a little girl, Debra knew Jesus to be her friend, and remembers being given the choice to see the love, or be angry. Her one constant friend, she knew as Jesus.
Stumbling along in life, Jesus encouraged her as she developed the ability to hear, and follow, a guiding light within her. Today, she recognizes this as the Holy Spirit.